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     I have been in this area for the last forty years, and have been marrying couples for the past several years. If you have not found anybody to work with you yet, and you might be interested in me, then there are several ways to approach this, but usually the best way is for us (all three of us) to meet so that we can make sure that we each want to work together. If we agree that I am your choice for a minister, then we can get your wedding plans together via email, phone, or in person. I have basic wedding plans, services, on this site for you to review and change as you see fit. I truly believe that types of weddings, service formats, and vows (I can help here if you wish) should be the choice of the bride and groom. I am actually located in Stem, NC (Just South of Oxford) about 20 miles north of Raleigh. I like to meet usually in a restaurant or a coffee place, so we can be relaxed and talk a bit, and get to know each other. I live on a farm in Stem, and we have bunches of animals, horses, llamas, goats, ducks, geese, etc. so if you would like to come out here and meet me and my wife, then you are certainly more than welcome to do that.

    The standard rate for wedding officiants in our area is $395. This covers all meetings, planning, rehearsal, ceremony and any function you would like me involved in at the reception. However, please be aware of this. I do not do this just for the money. I have my own computer business and I make a very comfortable living. I do this because I truly enjoy being able to bring two people, that love each other, to a starting point for their lives together.

     I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your consideration.


Rev. William E Scott

(919) 690 8347